Families who wish to apply for admission must have a desire for an education based on Biblical truth. The following requirements must be met:

  • Membership in good standing of a Bible-believing church is required. (Many denominations are represented at SCHS.)
  • Parents must sign a belief statement that acknowledges that their children will be taught from a Biblical perspective.
  • An interview with parents and student(s) will be arranged to discuss the responsibilities and commitments attached to providing a Christian education and to discuss any special needs of the student.

South Christian welcomes a diversity of race, color, and ethnic origins.

Students coming from one of the South Suburban Christian Middle Schools need not apply for admission. All other students need to complete an Application for Enrollment.

Our investment in SCHS is not just about investing in a “good education”, we are truly investing in “the rest of our kids’ lives”; the returns are eternal and beyond measure.

~SCHS Parent and Alumni

Documents & Resources

South Christian High School Enrollment Process

Step 1: You’ve already begun the first step in enrollment by discovering what South Christian has to offer your child. If you haven’t already scheduled a tour of our school, please contact Dana Veldhouse at 455-3210 (x102) or Sherri DeVries at 455-3210 (x106). We would love to have you visit!

Step 2: Complete the following forms:

  1. Application for Enrollment
  2. Financial Commitment Form
  3. Basic Beliefs Form

Step 3: Upon receipt of the forms above, we will schedule you to meet with one of our administrators.

Step 4: Upon approval, we will email you our Online Enrollment Form which also includes a link to set up your FACTS tuition account.

Step 5: Meet with our Registrar to schedule classes for your child.

Step 6: Have your child complete and turn in the Welcome Sailor/Extracurricular Activities sheet.


  • 82% enroll in two or four-year college programs after graduation
  • Four year high school – private
  • Total enrollment of 616, grades 9-12
  • 152 Freshman
    144 Sophomores
    149 Juniors
    172 Seniors
  • Average class size – 24
  • Professional staff – 51
  • All are certified in their respective areas.
    63% have at least one master’s degree.