Tuition Assistance

A tuition assistance fund was established in 1998 by donations from individuals who feel a quality, Christ-centered environment is a vital piece of a student’s education. The ongoing source of these funds is from individual donations, the South Christian Foundation, and the New Life Thrift Store.

The tuition assistance fund is used to help individual families who are unable to pay the full cost of tuition. During an average school year, we budget to award approximately $180,000 of assistance. Already this year, we have awarded over $160,000 to approximately 75 families. These 75 families actually qualified for $580,000 of assistance. Many of these families have been directly affected by the downturn of the economy in the form of job loss, fewer hours, and/or higher individual insurance costs. Other families have dealt with long-term illness or disability.

We anticipate more requests to be made during this school year. For those of us who have been richly blessed, this is an opportunity to help our extended Christian family. We can take seriously the vows we make at the baptism of infants to stand with the parents in their instruction in the faith.

We recognize that the needs for assistance are only going to increase. We have several programs that will, along with individual donations, help to ensure that we will be able to provide assistance in the future.

An application for tuition assistance is available online at Facts Management Company. You will be required to provide financial information as well as a copy of your most recent income tax return.

Tuition Assistance

If you desire a Christian education for your child, but you can’t afford the entire tuition, there may be options available to help you.

  1. Many Christian Reformed Churches contribute toward the cost of education of the students from their church. Other churches may offer tuition aid. Investigate the possibilities of tuition aid from your church.
  2. SCHS has a Tuition Assistance program that you can apply to. To complete an application, apply online at FACTS Management Company. You will be required to provide financial information as well as a copy of your most recent income tax return.
  3. Participate in our SCRIP program (see details below). When you purchase gift certificates for items such as fuel, restaurants, and groceries, merchants offer a percentage of your total purchase price. That rebate will be applied to your tuition account. Pick up a SCRIP packet from the South Christian High School office.

SCRIP Program

SCRIP is a proven method of generating charitable rebates through common purchases from your favorite stores, restaurants, and service providers. With SCRIP, you’ll have significant opportunities to provide much-needed funding relief to South Christian High School.

To get a better idea of what we’re talking about, just think of the revenue-generating possibilities arising from your own family’s spending habits. For instance, just in the past three days has anyone in your family:

  • Refueled a car with gas
  • Stopped to pick up coffee or doughnuts
  • Paid bills
  • Taken a business trip
  • Bought gifts for an upcoming event
  • Shopped for groceries
  • Dined out with your family, co-workers, or friends
  • Had their hair cut
  • Picked up a prescription
  • Planned a vacation

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you have experienced a potential opportunity to generate funding for South Christian High School.

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