Full Time Student:

$11,970 = Requested Amount ($1,088-11 monthly payments)
$2,720 = Grant
$9,250 = Required* Amount ($841-11 monthly payments)

KC/TC Student:

$10,775 = Requested Amount ($980-11 monthly payments)
$2,450 = Grant
$8,325 = Required* Amount ($757-11 monthly payments)

Parents/guardians are asked to pay the Requested Tuition per student, which is the full cost of education. If you choose to pay the Requested Tuition you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible gift when your payment plan is paid in full.

*Required Tuition rates reflect a family’s decision to accept grant money from the following areas:

  • Foundation: Our Foundation is an endowment fund that contributes money to our school to help with teacher development, tuition assistance, building needs and technology.
  • New Life Thrift Store: The New Life Thrift Store benefits the five area South Suburban Christian Schools with an annual gift.
  • Sports Boosters, Music Boosters, Student Activities: These funds use a variety of fundraising efforts to reduce expenses for daily life as a Sailor.

*Parents/guardians paying the Required Tuition are asked to consider making tax-deductible donations to offset the increasing costs associated with educating our students. Parents/guardians will receive a receipt acknowledging their tax-deductible gift.

Other Tuition Notes:

  • International Student Tuition is $13,950.
  • Special Education students who enroll at South Christian from outside of the South Suburban Schools system will be expected to pay the “requested” tuition rate for their years at South Christian.
  • All students will receive free entrance into all home athletic events, a ticket to both the musical and play, and admittance to all dances held at SCHS.
  • Occasionally, students will be required to purchase consumable books or workbooks.

Withdrawal Policy: Tuition is payable for the entire grading period for any student whose enrollment covers any portion of the period. All charges related to the student’s enrollment must be paid by the date of withdrawal or transcripts and grades will be withheld.

Tuition Payment Plans

FACTS Tuition Management Company manages the collection of our tuition. You may choose from several payment plans and complete a payment agreement unless you choose to pay in full. All payments will be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the dates indicated below.

  1. Full payment to FACTS by August 5, 2022.
  2. Budgeted payments through FACTS:
    • Two payments, ½ due by August 5, 2022, and ½ due by January 5, 2023.
    • Quarterly payments, equal payments due August 5, 2022, October 5, 2022, January 5, 2023, and March 5, 2023.
    • Eleven monthly payments, beginning August 5, 2022, and ending June 5, 2023.