Below are commonly asked questions.

Excavation work on the building site began in April of 2017 triggering much additional activity. The new baseball diamond has been constructed; the new parking lots are in complete with lighting; trees have been planted; and sidewalks have been installed along Kalamazoo Avenue. All the precast walls have been set which completes the entire footprint of the building. As more and more areas of the building are enclosed interior work increases. 

  • Steel continues to be set.
  • Roofing membrane is being installed.
  • Glass is being installed.
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work continues.
  • Drywall is being hung.


The new building includes the following: educational spaces, the auditorium including the balcony, the competition gymnasium and a full-size teaching gym. The fair market value for these spaces along with furniture and equipment is $43.2 million.

Three key components for funding these items are:

  • donor participation
  • sale of the 68th Street facility
  • gift-in-kind

The goal is to begin holding classes in the new facility in January, 2019.

We are excited to share we have a signed buy sell agreement for our current facility. This is a major step in selling the building. The agreement is with Compass College of Cinematic Arts, a Christian media production company, who has permitted us to publicly name them as the buyer.

We are committed to raising adequate funds to endow the new facility. These funds would offset any potential increase in operating expenses. Also a more energy efficient building could reduce the facility operating expenses.

Once the needed funds are raised to cover construction and endowment of the new facility, fundraising will be considered for the construction and endowment of a stadium and track.

We celebrate the incredible gifts received to date for this project and invite the entire SCHS community to prayerfully and financially support the building project. Please consider how you can be involved with your time, talent, and treasure – a major strength of this community. Please contact Sandy Dobbs at or 616-455-3210 to discuss how you can be involved.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Sandy Dobbs.