Building on the Past

In 1951, ten farmers planted oats on 15 acres at 160 – 68th Street to fund the construction of our current high school. The farmers called their act of generosity “plowing with a purpose”. The community agreed.


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In 2016, we are “building with purpose”. We are a hard working community – building businesses and practices, raising livestock and crops, educating and mentoring our kids – with Christ at the center. By “building with purpose” we are putting Christ at the center of all things in a new facility located on Kalamazoo Avenue. This facility will be a foundation for generations to come providing the right tool to deliver on our mission.

Please join us as we build upon the past and lay the foundation for the future.

Vision for the Project

We have before us the opportunity to build on the legacy of South Christian High School, creating a new vision and new environment that will further our mission of equipping students to discover God’s plan for their life.

Our vision for the future high school building and surrounding campus is grounded in four key design objectives which guide the team as building plans are developed. The design objectives are the result of input from staff, students, parents and constituents who together form the SCHS community.

Design Objectives

Beautiful Mess

Space for beautiful processes
that express who we are and want to be.

Learning in action.

Community Building

A place for students to build community and a building for the community.

A place of belonging.

Agile Innovation

Flexible work and learning
environment that honors collaboration and personal reflection.

Design for the next 100 years.

Visible Mission

A building that witnesses to
God’s providence.

Faith integral to all we do.