But we are more than that and I want to explore briefly, from my perspective, what it means to be part of the South Christian community.
First, in order to be a community, every student needs to belong…truly feel they belong. One of the greatest gifts that we celebrate every day at South Christian is that we are all God’s children and that is the foundation of our sense of belonging. On that foundation rests the fact that when students serve others, or are served by others, a sense of belonging develops. There are so many ways that students can feel like they belong. They do well in their courses, perform in the play or in a sport, play intramurals at noon, are part of a group of friends, do beautiful work in art or in shop, and lead worship. When students are part of a community, they are busy, learning, doing, and making.

A second way to be part of the community is to have opportunities to give to others and to be needed by others. Students with leadership skills can participate in Student Council, lead in chapel, or lead a Young Life group. When students are part of the school community, they take opportunities to serve others.

Finally, the South Christian School community is a place where people are served. Students have many needs. Some have emotional struggles related to difficult home lives; some have stress because they feel pushed and overwhelmed by pressure to perform; some struggle with school work; some struggle socially. We work hard at challenging and encouraging students to use their gifts to serve those who need help.

The summary of God’s law is to love one another. It is my prayer that our school community obeys that command by being a place where students belong because they celebrate that they are children of God who can serve and be served.

—George Guichelaar, Principal