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Betsy Zeerip


I received my classical music training at Calvin College and have more than 30 years of experience in private piano instruction, professional accompanying, and church music ministry. I currently teach piano lessons at the Academy of Music in Grand Rapids and attend Ventura Baptist Church in Holland. Throughout my career I have had the privilege of encouraging students of all ages and the blessing of sharing the joy of music with others. Choral singing is a valuable and rewarding pursuit and I am delighted to help your students tune their voices into one unique masterpiece of praise.

Faith Statement

My life as a follower of Christ is an extraordinary journey filled with beautiful scenes of God’s goodness and shadowed expanses that challenge faith and obedience. Because I am securely grafted to Christ, I can abide in Him, give up the way that I think is best, and fully trust Him. Each day I must rehearse God’s promises, press on in gratitude, and follow the One who is Faithful and True. For the journey is not for my own feeble purposes, but for God and God alone. This is my place in God’s story of redemption that He has ordained for me. And whatever my God ordains is right, for He is sovereign over all things.