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Nathan Smith


I remember the day that I realized I was a teacher. It was like coming home. Though I’ve taught at college and graduate level schools, high school teaching remains my favorite kind of teaching. I am passionate about helping students to discover the Bible with their own questions, their own competency and to develop their own agency in understanding and applying Scripture to their lives. I have a B.A. in Church History from Moody Bible Institute, an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a ThM in Old Testament from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. In the midst of my education, I was able to travel and serve in 40 countries. I grew up in Canada as a missionary kid and came to the U.S. for school where I met my wife, Abigail. She is originally from India where we lived from 2014-2016. We have four children, the fourth being born in India. We love travel, foods from all over the world, the beach and hospitality.

Faith Statement

I believe that when we find what we are created to do, our ordinary efforts produce extraordinary results, results that directly benefit God’s Kingdom. God leads and guides us to that purpose by what John Calvin calls double knowledge – knowledge of self and God at the same time. Jonathan Edwards taught that intimacy with God is a process of endlessly coming to know God, an education that continues into the New Creation. We are inherent learners and though damaged by sin, to learn is to be human. Abraham Kuyper believed we should apply our God-given ability to learn into every sphere of life as an expression of God’s design for us to care for Creation. As a teacher, I embrace all of these principles. My pedagogy invites students to know God and themselves by exploring God’s creation, exploring Scripture and developing their own capacity for faith formation. By teaching them to steward the good but broken world God has placed us into now, I see my teaching as a preparation for this world but also for the next world Christ is preparing for us. As persons with the capacity to endlessly grow closer in their love for and knowledge of God, I also see teaching as mentoring them for this iteration of their lifelong journey to know God better.