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Attending South Christian, I received an education fully immersed in the Christian worldview – from Calculus to Chemistry to College English. This was probably the most important gift South gave me. I am heading to a large public university this fall, and I am so thankful for the confidence I am bringing with me in knowing that my God is in every aspect of my life. He is not just at church on the weekends or in a Campaigners Friday morning Bible study group; instead, He can be found anywhere one has the patience and willingness to look. I love that perspective, and I am looking forward to carrying that with me to college. Thank you!

Peyton DeRuiter, Class of 2016


South Christian High School was pivotal in my transition to college. I would say that my experience at South was as rewarding as anyone could ever ask for.


First, my education was excellent. I don’t think I appreciated the quality of the teaching I received from the staff at SCHS until I attended college. There is a large difference between simply presenting the class material and successfully teaching students. SCHS demanded a lot out of us as students, and this gave me a high standard for myself going into college. Now I have graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in physiology and am currently a second year student at MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Second, SCHS was instrumental in my spiritual growth. When I share my testimony, I tell people that there wasn’t a day that I didn’t know of Jesus Christ, and for that I am very blessed. However, it wasn’t until my junior and senior year of high school that I would say I started to really grasp the depth of the Gospel. This pushed me to pursue my faith more and more in college. At MSU I joined a campus ministry called Spartan Christian Fellowship that is connected with University Reformed Church in East Lansing. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to build on the spiritual foundation started at SCHS and share the great news of the Gospel with students on MSU’s campus.

Finally, SCHS pushed me to develop as a leader. They gave me the opportunity to serve as our class president, give a student sermon at a Chapel, and even take a leadership course. The abilities that were developed at SCHS served to help me achieve a student leadership position as a student manager of service centers in MSU’s residence halls, as well as be a student leader for a Bible study on campus through Spartan Christian Fellowship.

I have learned and grown a vast amount during my college education, but I truly believe the man I am today was largely shaped by the experience I had at South Christian High School. I am a proud alumni and will continue to sing the praises of SCHS.

Jason Oetman, Class of 2011


In every one of my classes I heard my teacher exclaim some variation of “Isn’t that cool!?”.  They could find no simpler way to share their wonder and appreciation for God’s fingerprints covering creation especially within their subject area. God did not fail to show up in every classroom for every subject: in biology he displayed his complexity, in math his order, in literature his gift of creativity, in religion, well, himself. Every subject contained not a jack-in-the-box, but rather, a God-in-the-box (Let me explain before you think I’m trying to put God in a box). Crank through a subject area and God will relentlessly pop out at you. You don’t know when or where he will decide to overtake your learning experience, but he will sneak up and amaze you even though your teacher already warned you “Isn’t this cool!?”  So, to the SCHS teachers I say thank you for sharing your passions. Thank you for providing opportunities for God to display himself to us students in each of his vastly different facets of creation. Thank you for putting God at the center of your teaching.  Thank you for always saying in your own ways “Isn’t this cool!? God is amazing!”


Nathan Jansen, Class of 2013

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