It’s often through the purposeful play of extracurricular activities where life-long relationships are built. Where passions are realized. Where confidence and purpose are inspired. We offer a number of ways for you to be connected, and explore new opportunities.

Blood Drives

Blood Drives are held three times each year at SCHS. The students (16 and older and weigh no less than 110 pounds), staff, and community will have opportunity to provide the local blood bank with much-needed blood. Please come out and help SCHS be a beacon of hope in the community by donating blood. Thanks for your Gift of Life!


Each year, South Christian Drama presents two major productions: a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Students are encouraged to get involved in a number of significant ways. In addition to performing on stage, students can also be involved in set construction, sound, lights, hair, and make-up, and other drama-related activites. After the spring production, students also have the opportunity to participate in Playbills, student-directed plays. SCHS Drama is open to all students.


Peer-led groups that consist of lunch partners, peer tutors and student leaders who build inclusion and belonging for our students with special needs within our school. This includes fun activities such as planning parties, outings, and service projects. It is similar to Circle of Friends. The goal is for everyone to see and acknowledge the gifts God has given each individual and to use these gifts for God’s glory.


This is an audition-only ensemble for which all SCHS students grades 9-12 are eligible to audition. The Madrigals meet at least once per week (generally Monday evenings 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) and tour every other year with the Concert Choir. All expenses for tours are the responsibility of each member. Only students who can demonstrate outstanding choral aptitude, tone, technique, and sight-reading potential should audition. Musical styles ranging from Madrigals to Vocal Jazz are studied in order to give approximately 8-12 performances per year. Participation in one of the other SCHS choirs is mandatory. Participation in school chapels, assemblies, and musicals is expected but not mandatory for all members. Attendance at all rehearsals, district/state choral festivals, school, church, and community events is required for or the student will lose his/her place in the ensemble. No credit towards graduation is given for participation in this group; however, college recommendations and references for admission will be given for each member by the director.

Koinonia Club

We are a club that focuses on social justice issues. We discuss current issues, have a book study on how to work through some of the issues presented, and we hope to do some volunteer work in the city of Grand Rapids and/or its surrounding areas. This year, we are reading and discussing the book Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison.


Drumline is an extracurricular music group which is open to anyone who wants to play percussion instruments. We start from the beginning and teach proper technique so that anyone who wants to learn can participate. We learn drum patterns, cadences and full percussion ensemble pieces that are performed for concerts, sporting events and more. The ensemble rehearses on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 a.m. every week.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band experiments, rehearses, and performs all different types of music: contemporary, jazz, swing, rock, pop and ethnic. The Jazz Band is a select group of instrumentalists from grades 9-12. They will perform at concerts, Connections banquet, and occasionally jazz festivals. The student must audition or be placed in the ensemble by the Band Director. The student must also be a member of one of the schools’ bands to be eligible for Jazz Band.

Junior-Senior Prom

Along with teacher sponsors, volunteers from the junior class form several committees to plan the Junior-Senior Prom which is held in the spring.

Robotics Club

South Christian High School is collaborating with Calvin College to participate in the FIRST Robotics Challenge.  Each year, students from South Christian High School team up with Engineering students at Calvin College as well as several adult mentors to design and build a robot.  The game is revealed in January and our team spends around 10 weeks designing and building the robot after which we compete in several competitions in March and April.  Students get to learn and participate in the design and build process and have opportunities to learn CAD, programming, metal working, and other practical skills.  Join us on this adventure.  Click here to see our website.

Ski Club

Students may join for a fee to ski at Bittersweet Ski area. Watch noon announcements in late fall for information.

Stage Show

This program, sponsored by the Student Council, takes place on a Saturday evening in December. Acts must be presented to and approved of by Mr. Miedema and committee. Proceeds are used for the Christmas Drive.

Sound Technician

Students are trained to run the sound system for our auditorium. Sound Technicians are used for events such as: Plays, Musicals, Stage Shows, etc.

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