Here, you’ll learn who God created you to be and how best to serve him. You’ll be encouraged to seek out and find where the world’s needs and your passions intersect – where you can truly make an impact.

Senior Project

Every senior at South completes a Senior Faith Project. This project allows seniors to identify a skill or area of interest and then complete a service project using this skill or interest to serve others in the community.

Service Hours

Our 9th, 10th and 11th grade students are required to complete a total of 15 hours of service with an organization they are passionate about.

Faith Portfolio

Each student begins assembling a Faith Portfolio beginning with their freshman year. The Faith Portfolio includes their faith perspective on an academic or arts project they complete during their time at South.

Vocation Day

Vocation Day is a time where parents and community leaders show our students how their career choice has allowed them to serve God in the world.

Community Day

Community Day is a full school day set aside for our entire student body to go into our surrounding community and serve in a variety of ways. From painting and spring cleanup to simply visiting those that need a listening ear, each of our students will experience in a tangible way the benefits of serving.


All our students meet twice a week for chapel services. These services are lead by our senior students and include a time of worship, teaching and reflection.

Senior Reflections

Each of our seniors is encouraged to document their faith journey and then share that with the entire student body during one of our chapel times. These reflections give testimony to how God has worked in the student’s life and how God is calling them to serve after leaving South.

Grandparents Day

We set aside one day a year where students can invite grandparents or senior friends to attend school with them and celebrate the education that child is able to experience.

Faith Festival

For centuries, God’s people have celebrated His goodness and faithfulness through a variety of festivals, so every two years – alternating with Vocation Day – we have done the same at SCHS.  In 2016, Olivet Nazarene University, in conjunction with Grace Adventures, provided their fabulous worship band along with nationally-known author and speaker Mike Fritz for our corporate sessions. The gifted college students humbly and skillfully led us in worship, and with great humor and insight, Mike encouraged and challenged our school community to grow closer to God and each other. Between the corporate sessions in the auditorium, students attended two Breakout Sectionals, classroom sessions on a variety of faith topics led by adults from the community.

Faith Festival is a welcome “change up” from a regular school day for both students and staff as God proves Himself faithful to our school community through great music, insightful teaching, and much more.

Senior Camp

In the summer of 2016, fifty members of the SCHS community (39 incoming senior students and 11 staff members) made history as we traveled to Grace Adventures for our first-ever Senior Camp. Our goal was simple: to celebrate God’s gift of community together as we prepare for the school year.  The time away at camp allowed both students and staff to reflect on God’s love as well as how He equips and empowers us to serve Him and His people. We sang together, prayed together, laughed together, learned together, ate together, and enjoyed the lake and beach together.  God has always used our senior class to provide leadership at SCHS alongside our staff, and our hope is that Senior Camp will be an annual summer getaway that God uses to give wisdom and momentum for that to happen even more.

In addition to our faith specific programs, every one of our programs has faith integrated as the cornerstone of the program:

  • Academic Programs
  • Young Life
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Drama

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