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Faculty and staff at South Christian High School are committed to providing a Christ-centered education that invites students to see how their learning in all content areas allows them to better understand God’s world and the role He calls them to within it.


South Christian High School will offer an excellent academic program, rooted in Biblical beliefs and values.

 Within the framework of academic study and extra-curricular activities, SCHS will challenge students to know Biblical foundations, to demonstrate Christian values through a life of service and holy living, and to experience a personal relationship with Christ.

South Christian will encourage students to reach their full potential by providing opportunities for them to develop as whole persons.

Our Goal

Our intention for our students is that they will leave South Christian High School better equipped to live Christ-centered lives and serve God to their greatest potential in whatever unique way He calls them.


The curriculum at South Christian has been designed to reflect our mission: to equip students to live Christ-centered lives and serve God to their greatest potential.

Christ-centered lives: Each class points to Christ as the creator and sustainer of all things. Through the Teaching for Transformation framework, students are invited, nurtured, and empowered to take the things they’re learning and use them to honor God. 

…to their greatest potential: Recognizing that each person is made and called uniquely, South Christian requires more electives for graduation than a typical high school. Students are given the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in the things God has specifically skilled them at. Ultimately, students leave here equipped to serve God as He has created them.

For more information about our curriculum, please contact Registrar’s Office

Our Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at South Christian are committed to being faithful followers of Jesus, personally and professionally. The faculty is trained both academically and spiritually to teach, mentor, and grow students in content knowledge and in the knowledge of God.

Our Classroom Environment

Our world-class facilities enable our students to learn and grow in an environment that is flexible and able to adapt to a variety of learning needs. Teachers are not hindered by the physical environment; rather, the design of our spaces and furniture allow for teachers to teach in the ways they know best.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Honors classes

AP classes

Dual Enrollment

Kent Career/Technical Center

Counseling Office

Explore, Support, Guide

The Counseling Office at South Christian High School is dedicated to providing a counseling program that prepares all students spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally through:

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is provided, based upon the students interests and career goals, to help guide students through graduation requirements and proper course selection. Students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to reach out to counselors for any academic concerns.

College & Career Counseling

Through classroom guidance lessons and individual student meetings, counselors work with students exploring post secondary plans. Students, at every grade level, participate in our SCOIR Program, a tool that allows students to explore interests, abilities, careers, and colleges.

Personal & Social Counseling

The Counseling Office at South Christian supports the whole student, including social and emotional knowledge. The social worker at South Christian is responsible for supporting students and advocating for their emotional, mental, and physical well-being. In addition, they collaborate with parents, teachers, and school administrators to support students’ mental health. The social worker plays a pivotal role between school, home, and the community as we work together to develop plans to improve coping, relationships, social development, and academic performance. Students may schedule a time to be seen or drop in as needed. The social worker is available to meet with students individually and in groups.


Mrs. Vicki DeKryger
Guidance Counselor
(last name A – K)

616.455.3210 (x122)


Mrs. Renee Hartman
Guidance Counselor
(last name L – Z)

616.455.3210 (x121)

Mrs. Stacey DeWeerdt
Social Worker


616.455.3210 (x107)


Pastor Chuck Swanson
Pastoral Care

616.455.3210 (x105)

Inclusive Education & Support

South Christian partners with All Belong Center for Inclusive Education. Their team of educational consultants and school psychologists work with South Christian to help meet the educational, socio-emotional, physical, and behavioral needs of students at all levels of ability and disability.

If you believe your child would benefit from this service, please contact your guidance counselor.