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Considering South Christian High School?

The best way to experience South Christian is to schedule a personal visit. We would love to start by learning more about your child. Please follow the steps below to start the path to becoming a South Christian Sailor!

Step 01: Complete Inquiry Forms

Please select the appropriate form below and our Admissions Coordinator will follow up with you shortly. 

Step 02: Complete Application Documents

Families who wish to apply for admission have a desire for an education based on biblical truth. The following requirements need to be met:

  1. Membership in good standing of a Bible-believing church is required. (Many denominations are represented at South Christian.)
  2. Parent(s) must sign a belief statement that acknowledges that their child(ren) will be taught from a biblical perspective.
  3. An interview with parent(s) and student(s) will be arranged to discuss the responsibilities and commitments that come with a Christian education and to discuss any special needs of the student(s).
Step 03: Schedule Classes

New students will meet with Rebekah Wierenga, Registrar, to learn the students’ interests and review available classes.

Step 04: Online Enrollment

An individualized link will be emailed to you from our Admissions office through PowerSchool.

South Christian is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, or economic background.

Students coming from one of the South Suburban Christian Schools do not need to apply for admission. All other students are required to complete an Application for Enrollment.

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Our investment in South Christian is not just about investing in a ‘good education.’ We are truly investing in ‘the rest of our kids’ lives.’ The returns are eternal and beyond measure.” —South Christian graduate and current parent

Four Year Private High School

Learn more about Student Life at South Christian

Shadow a Student

Students interested in learning more about South Christian are invited to a Shadow Day, where they will be paired up with one of our student ambassadors for a morning or afternoon. This is a great opportunity available to incoming 8th graders or students transferring from other schools. During the Shadow Day, students may attend a couple of classes with the student ambassador, visit the cafe, and tour the building. This is a valuable experience for students to meet some of our staff and students, as well as learn more about what South Christian has to offer. Shadow Days can be scheduled anytime throughout the school year on either a Monday, Tuesday, or Friday.

For more information, please contact Leah VanElderen at 616.455.3210 (x106) or

Explore Night

Save the Date! Explore Night will be on December 4 and 6.

In December, South Christian will host a fun and informative open house that allows prospective students and their parents to meet teachers, participate in classroom demonstrations, and experience our campus. We will also have information on Honors and AP classes, athletics, music opportunities, and other extracurricular interests.

For more information, please contact Leah VanElderen at 616.455.3210 (x106) or

Take the next step to learn more about South Christian

The best way to learn more is to schedule a personal visit. You can see for yourself what makes South Christian different.

Tuition and fees for 2024-2025

Requested Amount
Required Amount
Full Time Student
($1,198 – 11 monthly payments)
($925 – 11 monthly payments)
KC/TC Student
($1,078 – 11 monthly payments)
($833 – 11 monthly payments)
Requested Tuition

Parents/guardians are asked to pay the Requested Tuition per student, which is the full cost of education. If they choose to pay the Requested Tuition, they will receive a receipt acknowledging their tax-deductible gift when the payment plan is paid in full.

Required Tuition rates reflect a family’s decision to accept grant money from the following areas:

  • Foundation: Our Foundation is an endowment fund that contributes money to our school to help with tuition assistance.
  • New Life Thrift Store: The New Life Thrift Store benefits the five area South Suburban Christian Schools with an annual gift.
  • Sports Boosters, Music Boosters, and Student Activities: These funds employ a variety of fundraising efforts to reduce expenses for daily life as a Sailor. 
Withdrawal Policy

Tuition is payable for the entire grading period for any student whose enrollment covers any portion of the period. All charges related to the student’s enrollment must be paid by the date of withdrawal, or transcripts and grades will be withheld.

Tuition Payment Plans

FACTS Tuition Management Company manages the collection of our tuition. Parents/guardians may choose from several payment plans. All payments will be automatically withdrawn from their checking or savings account.

Other Tuition Notes

Additional things to consider 

  • Special Education students who enroll at South Christian from outside of the South Suburban Christian Schools community will be expected to pay the Requested Tuition rate for their years at South Christian.
  • All students will receive free entrance into home athletic events, a ticket to both the musical and play, and admittance to dances held at South Christian.
  • Occasionally, students will be required to purchase consumable books or workbooks.

Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance

South Christian is willing to partner with families who are passionate about Christian education and need financial assistance.


South Christian has a Tuition Assistance program for families based on income. Families can apply online at FACTS Management Company by providing financial information and a copy of their most recent income tax return.


Many churches generously contribute toward the education costs of their student members. Families can check with their church for tuition assistance options.


Many families participate in our SCRIP Fundraising program by purchasing gift certificates for items such as fuel, restaurants, and groceries. Merchants offer a percentage of the total purchase price as a rebate that will be applied to tuition accounts. SCRIP packets can be picked up from the South Christian office.

International Student Admissions

South Christian values its international students, who bring a diverse global and cultural perspective to the classroom. At the same time, our international students receive a strong academic education from a Christ-centered school. We have welcomed students from China, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, France, Japan, and Vietnam. International students from 9th through 11th grades can enroll in our school following the South Christian guidelines. Please review the South Christian International Student policy.

International Student Coordinator

Leah VanElderen, South Christian Admissions Coordinator, at 616.455.3210 (x106) or

  • Apply to South Christian High School through an approved agency (listed below) 
  • Health appraisal
  • Immunization records
    (must meet with the Michigan’s immunization requirements)
  • ELTiS (222) or iTEP State Plus (4.0 or above)
  • Official school transcripts in English
  • Photocopy of Passport and Visa
  • Application will be reviewed by the international student coordinator
  • Acceptance will be granted or denied
Tuition Payment
  • The cost for 2024-2025 school year is $15,350.
    (50% due on August 1; 50% balance due on January 1).
  • Please contact Maelia Post.
I-20 Issued
  • Visit this site for more information about the I-20 process and where to complete the form.
Host Family Match
  • International students that are accepted into the exchange program will be assigned a host family by the agency they are working with.
Visa and Passport from Student’s Home Country
  • A copy of the student’s visa and passport will be required for the school’s files.
Arrival and Class Scheduling
  • New international students should arrive one week before the school year begins to plan their school schedule and attend an orientation.

International Agencies

International students considered for admission to South Christian must make arrangements via a US-based agency. Please contact one of the agencies listed below. Alternatively, if the student plans to live with a family member located near our school, an exception may be made.*

Partners In Learning
Rod DeJager, Partner Operations

4800 Broadmoor Ave
Kentwood, MI 49512

Faces & Our Cultures (Guatemala)
Gaby Padilla, Faces State Coordinator

*Click here to learn about becoming a host family for the Faces & Our Cultures Program.

Pannonia (Hungary)
Lois Cravin

* For international students staying with a family member, please review our Non-agency International Student policy.