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Our Faith

Committed AND CALLED

Educational Beliefs in the Light of Reformed Standards

We believe that all teaching and learning occurs within the context of fundamental views of life and society. Starting with the belief that God is the source of all truth, education becomes the exciting adventure of seeking to gain knowledge in all of its various facets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christian education at South Christian High School takes its perspective from the biblical view of God, humans, the universe, and their intertwining relationships.

Living Out Our Faith

The Writing on the Wall

With a constant reminder of their commitment written on the wall, the students are able to know that their message is deeply rooted in biblical practices that challenge them to live out who they choose to be.

Teaching for Transformation

At South Christian, we believe in rooting all education in a Christian worldview. This means providing a fundamental understanding of Biblical stories and lessons, one which enriches our students’ academic and faith journeys.

Part of our commitment to faith-based learning is our application of Teaching for Transformation, a design framework for the creation of authentic, Formational Learning Experiences that are rooted in a transformational worldview.

Our partnership with Teaching for Transformation gives our teachers and staff access to the program’s learning experiences, Storyline, and Throughlines, or discipleship habits and practices, that guide our students through personal discovery of their God-given talents and paths.

Teaching for Transformation has empowered our school to be more intentionally Christian than ever before. The result is students who are excited about living out their authentic faith as part of the learning process."

– Jim Peterson, Former Head of School

Deep Hopes

Each year, teachers at South Christian are asked to create Deep Hopes for their students to serve as a guide in their classroom. These hopes serve as a guide for the classroom and encourage a deeper understanding between student and teacher.

My hope is that students will see God glimpses in their lives and give a glimpse of God to others."

I hope that my students will become discerning Christian readers, writers, and thinkers. We learn economic skills to make decisions based on Christian principles to further His Kingdom and pursue justice."

My deep hope is that students will discover new ways to use their distinct gifts to show God's love to others and, in turn, play their essential part in His story."

My deep hope is that my students would navigate their lives toward Christ and adventurously follow the quest He's planned for them."

From the Bible, South Christian derives the following beliefs, which provide the framework for education.

1. GOD We worship God our creator, sustainer, redeemer, and sanctifier.

2. THE BIBLE The infallible, authoritative, written word of God leads our discernment.

3. CREATION We enjoy stewarding creation for our Lord.

4. HUMAN LIFE We each reflect the image of God.

5. SIN Our fallen nature, constantly misdirecting our true meaning and purpose.

6. REDEMPTION Christ, as redeemer, restores the relationship between God and his creation and renews human life through his Holy Spirit.

7. THE GOSPEL The good news that salvation is the free gift of God, by grace through faith, not by our own works.

8. KNOWLEDGE Knowing God increases our depth of understanding and search for truth.

9. GOD’S KINGDOM Transcends all political and temporal boundaries.

10. CALLING God's people are called to transform culture through a broad spectrum of occupations; offering their whole lives to the establishment of God's Kingdom.

Our Faith Community

South Christian is deeply connected to the community and welcomes students from over 90 churches in the area. This is one of the many things that sets South Christian apart.

"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."
1 Corinthians 12:27

1. SCHOOLS Educate God’s children to be effective servants and stewards in God’s kingdom.

2. PARENTS Raise children to live Christ-centered lives.

3. TEACHERS Teach the students under their care in obedience to God.

4. STUDENTS Discover the purpose and plan God designed for their life.

5. COMMUNITY Support Christian education to advance God’s kingdom - pray, work, give.

6. GOVERNMENT Promote righteousness, justice, and all parents' rights to determine the nature of education for their children.

7. SOCIETY Encourage and embrace students to become responsible citizens of society.