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Abby Weaver


I graduated from Michigan State University with my degree in Biological Sciences and Secondary Education, and a minor in Chemistry Education. I completed my student teaching internship at Innovation Central High School and Grand Rapids University Preparatory High School. Outside of work, I enjoy running, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Faith Statement

Choosing a public university after my upbringing in Christian education led me to search out a Bible Study and Christian community at State. This community helped me grow in my faith walk and personal relationship with God. Looking back, I know that God had placed important mentors and friends in my life during this time. After graduating, I was able to join one of Cru’s summer missions to Porto, Portugal. Our team spent a month exploring the city, growing a college ministry, and sharing our faith with local students. This experience was impactful in the way that I was able to share my spiritual journey with others.

Having the opportunity to teach at South Christian makes me excited to share the appreciation and wonder I have for God’s creation and the way He cares for every living thing. I look forward to continue impacting others for Christ, and helping others to know God personally.