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Chuck Swanson


I attended Liberty University for my undergraduate work where I received a specific call from God to be a pastor while attending a chapel service as a sophomore. While there, I further deepened my love of studying the Scriptures and grew deeper in my understanding and love for God. During my time at Liberty, I met my wife, Faith. We have been married for over thirty years, and we have two sons CJ (15) and Andrew (13).

After graduating from Liberty, I spent the next several years pursuing two master’s degrees from Calvin Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. During this time, I worked sixteen years at Cornerstone University in Student Development focusing on student leader development, adjunct faculty work, campus small groups, chapel, and eventually served as the Dean of Spiritual Formation. In 2010, I accepted a call to be the Lead Pastor at a community church in Jenison where I served for eleven years until I stepped down to pursue an MA in Clinical Counseling, which I will be completing at the end of August. I enjoy reading, watching my sons play soccer, taking care of my garden, watching old movies, and spending time with cherished friends.

Faith Statement

I have always been a firm believer in the importance of Christian education and its ability to shape us into the people God has called us to be. At its heart, Christian education is to promote the spiritual formation of the members of the community. I would define spiritual formation as the total process of transformation which begins with a person’s encounter with God and moves to the salvation of the whole person (will, intellect, emotions, and actions) in community through the power of the Holy Spirit towards the image of Jesus Christ.

I am a student of the Scriptures, of people, and culture, and I love to watch and engage in stories to better understand and explore the uniqueness of us all. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, and I want them to be a better version of themselves due to spending time together. I want people to live out of their calling and to become the healthy people God has created them to be. Ultimately, I want people to find their identity in Christ and live out of the freedom He has made possible for all His children.