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John Hendrikse


I graduated from University of Michigan in 2008 with a BA in Secondary Education specializing in History and Political Science. In 2010, I deployed to Iraq with the Michigan National Guard as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After a year of service I returned home and married my wife, Leanne.  Shortly after this, we moved to Arizona where I taught History at a boarding school. We spent three years at The Orme School, which was located in the high desert region in northern AZ (directly between Phoenix and Flagstaff).  I was hired by South Christian in 2014 and we have enjoyed making our home back in Grand Rapids.  I was raised in Grand Rapids where my Christian community was vital in shaping my life as a disciple.  I hope to succeed as an educator in promoting continued discipleship for young men and women in this community. We live in Cutlerville and have two children, David and Annaliese, who attend Legacy Christian.

Faith Statement

The scriptures are my roadmap for life and guide my personal faith in Jesus Christ.  I’m grateful for the many people in my life who help guide my faith: my wife, our kids, pastors, colleagues, and my late grandfather, Rev. John Primus.  This reflects the communal aspect of our faith, and serves as a reminder that we cannot go it alone.  As a people called to love God, other, and self, all our decisions must consider God, but also those outside of ourselves. Ultimately, this prompts a deep desire in me to learn more about God’s world, seeing who my neighbors are, and understanding more of His creation. In this context, I hope to encourage students to also thirst for learning more about God’s world in the history classes they take. This is the foundation for how I see God’s world and my role in it.  Often times I do fail in carrying out Christ’s discipleship, but I am steadfast in working to “act justly, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” At South, this starts in the classroom and extends beyond that in many ways.

Social Studies