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Kimberly Koetje


I was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education and an emphasis in studio ceramics. I began my teaching career overseas: two years in Jakarta, Indonesia and three years in Incheon, South Korea. Experiencing new cultures and understanding other people’s contexts gives me life and is such a blessing. Being a teacher allows me to share and cultivate curiosity about our diverse world; it is a privilege to be able to do this at South Christian!

Faith Statement

My time living in Turkey ignited my curiosity for learning about the contexts in which people are situated and how our relationships and worldviews are transformed when we understand each other’s differences and backgrounds.

As an art educator, I believe that introducing learners to various contexts and perspectives will give them the chance to empathize. I believe that advancing God’s kingdom is done through love, grace, and understanding how everyone has his or her own story. I hope to share with students that there is a vulnerability when we expose ourselves through art. Yet, the ability to tell a story in a common language. This process within art allows us to be human, giving us the chance to understand that making mistakes is normal. In turn, students’ attention to our humanity offers the opportunity to remind ourselves of the necessity of God’s grace and love.