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Shari Cashen


I have been teaching at South since 1996. I have taught a variety of science classes here at SCHS, but am currently teaching Biology, Forensic Science, and Ecology. I attended Hope College for my undergraduate degree and Grand Valley for my master’s degree. I am married to Dave and have one son, Jake, who is a senior here at South Christian. All my life I have been passionate about science and sports. In high school, I was inspired by a few remarkable teachers and coaches to use my gifts and passion in these areas as they did, by teaching others. I love spending time with high school students and have been involved in a variety of ways beyond the classroom. I have coached basketball, volleyball, golf, and softball, and have also been a Young Life leader since I started teaching.

Faith Statement

For me, the more I understand science, the more I am astounded at our creator and the intricacies of his amazing creation – this is what I constantly share with students and hope they can come to realize as well. Science also yields opportunities to discuss a variety of related ethical issues as well as focus on our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation and how we can better care for his world.