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Shari Cashen


I am married to Dave who is a retired high school history teacher and we have one son, Jake, who is a freshman at Davenport University. He is studying business and throwing discus and hammer for the track team. Jake beat the South Chrisitan record for discus last year by 11’11”. He also started on the State Championship football team last year. After all of these years teaching here, I could never have imagined my son’s experience at South would be so amazing and in many¬†more¬†ways than just these two mentioned! We are so grateful for this!

All my life I have been passionate about science and sports. In high school, I was inspired by a few remarkable teachers and coaches to use my gifts and passion in these areas as they did, by teaching others. I love spending time with high school students and have been involved in a variety of ways beyond the classroom. I have coached basketball, volleyball, golf, and softball, and have also been a Young Life leader since I started teaching.

Faith Statement

For me, the more I understand science, the more I am astounded at our creator and the intricacies of his amazing creation – this is what I constantly share with students and hope they can come to realize as well. Science also yields opportunities to discuss a variety of related ethical issues as well as focus on our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation and how we can better care for his world.