What an amazing few weeks it has been! God’s hand on the ‘Building with Purpose’ campaign was clearly demonstrated once again through the year-end giving. It is with great joy and gratitude that we share the $1.5M gift has been completely matched!  On December 30, we were approximately $50,000 short of maximizing the match. It was the mail on January 3, which brought the remaining needed funds. And here’s the goose bump moment…one of the first envelopes opened that morning contained a check in the amount of….$50,000!

While it is exciting that the South Christian community could raise this amount of funds in seven to eight weeks, the real joy is in how it was accomplished. The gifts range from $10 in cash to a $150,000 pledge and everything in between. The broad base of financial support is incredible to see – consistent donors, reengaged donors, new donors, and recent alumni to great-grandparents…even a few current students.

So what’s next? A spring groundbreaking! With 90% of the funding committed for the new high school (without the competition gym), the decision was made to break ground in the spring. An additional $2M will be needed to include the competition gym. As we press on, working and praying over this building project, we are confident God will continue to provide.

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