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Below is a list of the Staff Favorites that have been compiled if you would like to show your appreciation to any of our staff members. 

Staff Favorites List

Staff NameFavorite drink at Starbucks or BiggbyFavorite soda or cold drinkFavorite candyFavorite salty snackFavorite healthy snackFavorite fast food restaurantFavorite dine-in restaurantFavorite colorAny allergies or other things to avoid? 
Agar, TammiHot ChocolateSmoothies with no kiwiChocolates with caramel and Reese CupsKettle Chips and trail mixMade Good and Kind, fruits, and veggies, hummus and guacamoleQdoba, OutbackCaffeine and Kiwi
Alderink, JamieStrawberry Creme FrappuccinoChick-fil-A frozen lemonade, decaf diet cokeSweet-tarts, Sour Gummy Bears, chocolate with pecans or nutsChex-mix, mixed nuts,Veggies with ranchCoopers Hawk, 4 Roses in Plainwell, Chick-fil-Anone
Barrett, JordanVanilla Latte Dr PepperReese's Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M&M'sGarden salsa Sun Chips and BBQ chipsTrail mix, dried cherries Thai express, Buffalo Wild Wingsnone
Bosma, AnnikaCaramel Macchiato, decafLemonade and Diet CokeReese's and TwixBBQ potato chips and Cheez-itsFruitAnything Teriyaki (not available in GR), Michigan Moonshine, The Matchboxnone
Brown, SallySkinny Vanilla LatteIce - any flavor; Diet Coke, most diet drinksDark chocolate, Sweet tartsPretzels, almondsKind bars, fruitQdoba, The Green Well, Anna's House, Morning Bellenone
Bultman, Natalie
Clow, DananoneFlavored water, LemonadePeanut butter cups, Gummy bearsPretzelsYogurt, trail mixFireRock Grille, Chick-fil-Anone
Copeland, CurtCarmel MacchiatoAny Celsius drinknonenonenone5 Lakes, Monelli'snone
DeKryger, Vicki
DeRuiter, PeytonVanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, or Hot Caramel MacchiatoFlavored sparkling water,Kit Kats, Dark ChocolateChips & SalsaFresh fruit and veggiesElectric Cheetah/Old Goat, Bobcat Bonniesnone
DeVries, KatieDecaf sweet cream cold brewDiet Coke, San PellegrinoReese's, Snickers, Charleston Cookie Dough BitesAny Chex mix or homemade Chex mix (YUM), Cheez-itsYogurt and granola, apples, pineapple, any melonCarrabbas, Luna (downtown), Jimmy Johnsnone
DeWeerd, BobnoneLemonadeReese's, Lemonheads, Peanut butter M&MChicago Style popcorn, Chex-Mix, CaramelApples, GrapesGilmore Group restaurants, Chick-fil-AToo much salt
DeWeerd, ChrisPeppermint MochaDiet CokeSnickers, Dark Chocolate, CaramelCorn chips, mixed nutsFruit and Veggies Chick-fil-A, Chili's, Logansnone
DeWeerdt, StaceyHot ChocolateDiet Coke/Diet PepsiI like pretty much any candy at all :) Laffy Taffy, Bumpy Nerds and Starburst JellybeansDots Pretzels, peanutsCheese and CrackersUccellos, Panda Express, Crazy Horse, any pizza placesnone
Dobbs, SandyGreen TeaWaternone"Healthy" potato chips - no preservativesRaw veggiesThe Green Well, and Leo'sGluten, dairy & preservatives
Douma, JasonnoneMilk, Mountain DewStarbursts, Sprees, Jolly RanchersSour cream and chive chips , Cocktail cashews peanutsApple or bananaApplebees, Logan’s Roadhouse, Russ’none
Escobar, HeatherWhite Chocolate Hot ChocolateGatorade Zero - Cool Blue, Vanilla milkshakes, smoothiesReese's, Peanut M&M's, cookiesYogurt covered pretzels,Apple Sauce, Green Bananas, Animal CrackersPanera, Olive Garden, Anna's HouseCorn, Blue Cheese,
Ezell, RebaCaramel Apple CiderDiet Pepsi, Strawberry LemonadeReese's Peanut Butter Cups, Andres MintsChicago Mix Popcorn, Honey Roasted AlmondsCheese and crackers, apples and dipRed Robin, Chili's, Paneranone
Grimm, EricnoneWaterTwix, Milkyway, 100 GrandMixed nuts, Salted caramelVegetable plate, pineapplePete's, Olive Garden, Chili'snone
Haagsma, JillIced Macha Tea Latte or the "Pink Drink"Diet Coke Scotty black licoriceSkinny Kettle CornVegetables and hummus or guacamole, cheese and meat/charcuterieByron Family Restaurant, Pete's, Ale Birdnone
Hartman, ReneePumpkin Spice latte or a Vanilla latteIce tea unsweetened, Lacroix or other soda waterMambas, chewy candy, Peanut M&M'sPopcorn, Popcorners,Veggies with hummus or ranch, fruit, popcornBobcat Bonnies, New Holland Brewery, Chick-fil-Anone
Hendrikse, JohnCoffee (black)nonenoneChips and guac/queso/salsaAny fruit/vegatableFounders, Irie Kitchen, Greco's Pizzanone
Heyboer, Rick
Hoekwater, JanaSkinny Vanilla LatteDiet CokeChocolatePotato chips, PretzelsFruitCountry Side Innnone
Hoekwater, JuliaFlat White with Almond MilkPure Leaf Sweetened TeaDark ChocolateSun Chips/ PopcornTrail mix, NutsQdoba, Anna's Housenone
Hoezee, KarinonewaterReese's, Peanut M&M’sCheez-its, Goldfish crackersCelery, fruit, carrotsCulver’snone
Holbrook, KerriHot chocolatePepsi, Root beerAnything chocolateChipsApples, carrotsAnynone
Hooker, Robert
Howe, Brady
Hudson, Justin
Huttenga, BrucenoneIce tea non-sweetenedSnickers, Milky wayPotato chipsAlmonds, BananasChili's, Chipotle, Wolfgang'snone
Jager, RodVanilla LatteVerners, Arnold PalmerPayday, 100 GrandCashew, Sweet and Spicy DoritosString cheese, ClementinesPF chang, Culvers, Logansnone
Johnson, Taylor
Kerstetter, RyanDarkest blend of coffee with creamDiet Cherry PepsinoneDill Pickle Sunflower SeedsHoney Crisp ApplesRail Town, Jimmy Johns, Chick-Fil-Anone
Kingma, MikeCaramel MochaMonster, Strawberry Cream RockstarStarburst, Peanut Butter M&M'sNacho Cheese Doritos,Veggies and ranch/hummusChick-fil-Anone
Kisner, DiannaCaramel MacchiatoDiet Soda, Monster (low-cal), BaiDark Chocolate, Mint ChocolateSun Chips, CheetosTrail Mix, Hummus, FruitCheesecake Factory, Donkeynone
Klomp, JoshCaramel MacchiatoCokeSour Patch Kids, Pay Day, SnickersPretzelsCarrotsChick-fil-A, Tres Amigosnone
Kooistra, Ashley Chai latte or Pumpkin Spice anythingCold brew coffee, apple juice, and cherry vanilla cokeMini M&Ms, Cotton candy, and PockyBeef jerky, Bugles, Flaming Hot Veggie StrawsCheese and crackers, yogurt with fruit and granolaAnything sushi, Noodles and Co, Paneranone
Kool, DavidnoneMt. Dew, Coke, Any Soda reallySkittles, M&MsDoritos, Cheez-ItsApple, YogurtPeppino's, Culvers, Chick-Fil-Anone
Kool, NicknoneRoot Beer, SpriteSnickersChex mix, popcornApplesPete's, Chick-fil-Anone
Kroeze, BenPike Place Medium Roast black coffeeVanilla CokeSour Mike n Ike’s and Reese’s Fast BreakTakis, Pizza PringlesnoneJersey Mikes, Wing Doozynone
Kuipers, RachelRefresherFlavored sparkling waternonePopcornAny and all fruitsPanara Bread, Little Mexiconone
McCauley, Marissa
Meengs, JeffCappuccinoDiet CokeJunior MintsBoom Chicka PopFruitChipotle, Fricano'snone
Mefor, RachelHot or Iced Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte/Peppermint Mocha/Mocha with Almond Milk (no whip)Iced Tea, Iced Decaf Mocha (dairy free)York Peppermint Patties, Dark Chocolate with Caramel, Dark Chocolate with MintMultigrain Crackers, Popcorn, NutsPopcorn, Nut Mixes, FruitLuna, Electric Cheetah/Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop, ZivioI'm allergic to green bell pepper and I am (mostly) dairy free.
Niewiek, Sadie
Oetman, CristelAnything with chocolate & caramelRaspberry Tea, Sweet TeaReese's Big Cups, SnickersChips and salsa/cheese, Chex MixVegetables, BlueberriesMexican or Italian anywhere!none
Permoda, PattyCarmel latte non-fat, with coconut milkGinger aleChocolate or Hot TamalesLays Potato ChipsTrail mixLogan’s, Tres Amigos, Panera BreadGluten intolerance
Post, MaeliaHot chocolateChick-fil-A LemonadeChocolate & CaramelnoneTrail mix, GranolaFire Rock, The Mittennone
Postma, DebPlain black coffeeWaterDark chocolate, M&M's dark chocolate, Dark chocolate Hershey kissesPotato chips, Honey Mustard Dots Pretzels, Southwest Dots PretzelsTrail mix, Honey roasted almondsPapa Murphy's, Hopcat, Culversnone
Pothoven, ChuckWhite chocolate mochaCherry CokeReese's, Kit-Kat, TwixCheddar & Sour cream chips, Caramel cornCheese/crackers, grapesOlive Garden, Carabba's,none
Potts, KelliMint Mocha Lemonade and Diet Mountain DewAirheads, Snickers, SkittlesPotato chipsFruit and veggies with hummus5 Lakes Brewing (who support SCHS!), Chick-fil-A, Subwaynone
Rozema, JoshnoneMountain Dew, La CroixSkittles - purple bagChips and salsa,PretzelsPete's, New Hollandnone
Sall, ChrisExtra Hot White Hot ChocolateDiet CokeCrispy Crunch Bar (Canadian😉), Chocolate covered raisins, Swedish FishAnything salty!😊, Cracker, chips…Cheese, boiled eggs, meat sticks/jerkyOlive Garden, Electric Cheetah (Cascade), Anna’s Housenone
Scholten, Melissa
Schrotenboer, ToddCoffeeGatorade, LemonadeSmarties, MambasCombos, PringlesFruit (not melons), CarrotsRuss', Chick-Fil-Anone
Schweir, KelsieOatmilk shaken espresso or Sweet cream cold brew!LaCroixSanders Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel, Justin’s PB cups, Sweet tart RopesPotato chips, Cheez-itsAny fruit, veggies with hummus, Lara barsChick-fil-A, Core Life, Maru Sushinone
Selvius, Jackie noneMountain DewMilk Duds, Snickers, TwixSkinny Pop, Peanut Butter PretzelsFresh Fruit & Dip, Caramel ApplesQdoba, Red Lobsternone
Shultz, SusieSweet Cream Cold BrewLemonade, Iced Tea, Arnold PalmerDark chocolate, Chocolate salted caramels, Peanut butter or brownie M&MsDott's pretzels, Chicago style popcorn, pistachios, almonds, cashewsSalted nuts, cheese sticks, yogurt, any fruit, Kind BarsOn The Border, Carrabba's, Red Robin, Chick-fil-Anone
Sikkema, GwenSkinny caramel mochaSparkling waterChocolate...chocolate...chocolatePopcorn, caramel corn, Dot's pretzelsVeggies and hummusChick-fil-Anone
Slotsema, AmyHot chocolate or Caramel apple cidernoneChocolate (Dove's, Reese's, M&Ms, Sea Foam, etc.) - not cheap stuffChicago Style PopcornAlmonds, cashews, mixed nutsPapa Chops EateryGluten Free
Smith, Heather
Sterenberg, Josh
Swanson, ChuckAlmond Milk Chai with Vanilla - frozenDiet CokeHot Tamales Candy, PayDay Candy BarRegular DoritosFruit, CashewsOutback, Olive Garden, Doradosnone
VandeKopple, JoelnoneCoke ZeroSour Patch KidsnonenoneOutback Steakhouse, Longhorn Steakhousenone
VandenHeuvel, RyanMocha GrandeArnold Palmer, Mt Dew, and Cherry CokeMini Starbursts, Snickers, Chocolate-covered almondsPop corn, Pop Corners, Chex MixFruit (grapes, strawberries, apples) and trail mixAnna's House, Herb and Fire, and Qdobanone
VanderMaas, Marc
VanderTill, DanielleChai latte with espressoDiet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Vitamin waterTwix, Skittles, TwizzlersSour cream and onion pringles, Butter braid pretzels, PopcornCucumbers and hummus, apples, smoothiesOn the Border, Uccello's, Culversnone
VanElderen, LeahIced vanilla latteRegular Coke, any flavor KombuchaPretzelsTrail mix, Peanut butter, Banana, Clif barsLuna, Rose's, any other!none
VanHaitsma, RobertaCoffee: Latte with Oat or Almond MilkPellegrino or any Unflavored carbonated waterVery dark chocolate, Chocolate covered nutsSalted mixed nuts, Tortilla Chips & GuacamoleHummus with vegetables and crackersMaru, Anna's House, Brewery VivantMilk/ Dairy
VanStee, MarkNon-Fat Café LatteDiet Coke, Propel Water, Gatorade ZerononeStarbursts, Reese's Peanut Butter cupsApples, StrawberriesBuffalo Wild Wings, Railtown Brewery, Peppino'snone
Veldhouse, DanaHot chocolate with mintDiet CokeReese's, TwixWheat Thins, Veggie strawsFruitQdoba, Chick-fil-Anone
Vermaas, MariaVanilla sweet cream cold brewFrescaAnything gummynonenoneCheesecake Factory, Roses, Chipotlenone
Versluys, JulieChai Tea LattePepsi, Coke, lemonade,Peppermint Patties, Sugar Babies, 100 GrandPretzels, Sun Chips (original flavor), the cheese and caramel popcorn from CostcoApple slices, pineapple, sugar snap peasCulvers, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Rincón Criollogreen pepper, coffee
Vroegop, JanetMatcha Tea FrappacinoIzzyAlmond Joy, Peppermint Pattie, Andes Chocolate mintsCheesies, popcorn, gluten freeAlmondsFire Rock, Chick-Fil-A, Simply fishGluten
Walstra, KentnonePepsi or CokeMint M&M's, Peanut M&M's, York Peppermint PattiesChex Mix, chips and dipFresh fruitChili's, Panera, Qdoba, Bosna Expressnone
Ward, Liz
Weaver, Abby
Wesseldyke, SusieExtra hot decaf latte Any brand sparkling flavored water (*no caffeine), caffeine free diet cokeDark chocolateDots original pretzels, roasted salted almondsOlives, strawberries, parm crisps/whisps, roasted pistachios, roasted salted almondsElectric Cheetah, Paddock PlaceAvoid caffeine in beverages
Westra, RachelJava Chip FrappuccinoDiet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet Squirt, Sparkling Ice, PropelSwedish Fish, Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, York Peppermint Patties, Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate and Raspberry squares, candy corn (in the fall), conversation hearts (in February)Chex Mix Original Flavor, Goldfish crackers (original, pretzel, and cheddar), Baked Lays', Combos with cheddar cheeseTrail mix, mixed fruit, bananas, raspberries, Skinny PopChipotle, Chick-fil-Anone
Wierenga, RebekahnoneBubly - lime, grapefruit, pineapple/coconut, ginger peachChocolate, especially quality dark chocolate; Reese's Peanut butter cupsLaFiesta tortilla chips and guacamoleSkinny Pop, originalChick-fil-A; Panera; any sort of non-chain, locally owned placenone
Wiers, AllisonSkinny Vanilla latteLaCroixAlbanese Gummy Bears, Peanut butter M&M'sSalt & Vinegar kettle chips, Tortilla Chips with salsa/queso/guacamoleGranola, honey crisp apples, watermelonLittle Mexico, Qdoba, Little Bangkok, Chick-fil-A, breweriesMilk and ice cream
Witte, Kyle
Wright, Krista
Zoodsma, MollyHoney Oatmilk LatteLemonade, Iced Tea, Diet CokeAnything sour, chocolateChips, Cheez-itsNuts, Fruit of any kindChick-Fil-A, Firerock, Monelli'snone
Staff NameFavorite drink at Starbucks Favorite cold drinksFavorite candy snacksFavorite salty/savory snacksFavorite healthy snacksFavorite restaurantsAny allergies or other things to avoid?