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Aaron Meckes


After a formative summer job working at the YMCA in my hometown of Saginaw, I chose to pursue education as a career because I find great fulfillment and purpose in working with young people as they learn about who God has created them to be and how He desires for them to live. I have loved my experiences as a biology teacher, coach, and administrator in Christian schools and believe deeply in the mission of South Christian. I am a graduate of both Calvin University and Grand Valley State University with degrees in Secondary Education and Educational Leadership. My wife, Abbie, and I live in Byron Center with our boys Harrison and Fletcher.

Faith Statement

When I read the Bible, I see God choose to accomplish his purposes on Earth through human partners. Just like God called Abraham, Moses, the disciples, and countless others, God is calling each of us to take active roles in his redemptive work on Earth. Therefore, we offer ourselves as holy and living sacrifices, to do whatever it is God is calling us. God has called me to play a role in equipping others to live Christ-centered lives, and to help them see how their gifts and passions might bring about God’s kingdom on Earth, so that they may serve God to their greatest potential.

Head of School