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Annika Bosma


Though I grew up and went to high school in Seattle, Washington, I’ve always had my fair share of Michigan roots. They drew me back for four years of study in Calvin University’s Education program, and to a wonderful Dutch boy from Hudsonville. I became Mrs. Bosma this summer, and both the students and I are still adjusting to the change. I’ve worked and volunteered with students over the better part of my life, experiencing classrooms with students aged four months to 18 years. When I’m at home I love to bake and crochet and try out new crafts. However, when it comes to history I’ve always enjoyed learning more about the world and its story. I believe that the study of history teaches vital critical thinking and reasoning skills. Moreover, it puts students in the shoes of millions of others, offering constant growth opportunities.

Faith Statement

My love of history only strengthens my faith. As we explore the interrelatedness of human life in class, we grow to understand more about Christ’s mission to humanity. We are called in the Word to “love our neighbor” – but how are we supposed to know who that neighbor is or how we can serve them? The more we learn about the world God has made, the greater the positive impact we can have on those around us. To me, faith is about empathy. Though we are participating in a tiny moment in the history of creation, God knows us and loves us. So too should we look at those that surround us and those that we look back at so many hundreds or thousands of years ago?  My mission as a history teacher is to always invite students to look more closely at their assumptions, interpret the messages that surround them, and empower them to explain the conclusions they draw. If we are to show God’s redeeming love to the world, it is important to start off by first understanding that world.

Social Studies