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Danielle VanderTill


I graduated from Cornerstone University and Kuyper College in 2013 with a double major, Mathematics from Cornerstone and Bible & Theology from Kuyper. After graduation, I took a position at The Potter’s House High School where I taught math for four years. I then got married to my husband, Desmond, and moved to northwest Indiana where I taught math at a public high school alongside coaching varsity girls tennis for two years. I am overjoyed to now be back in my hometown of Middleville and teaching at SCHS. My husband and I attend First Baptist Church in Middleville. We have two daughters, and of course I can’t leave out our attention-loving dog, Gus.

Faith Statement

Throughout the years, God has changed my heart through having a career where I am constantly investing my time and efforts into other people. The main theme that I have left each year with is that “you’re never too far gone to be made new”. I remember listening to Lecrae one day and hearing these words, and it was one of those moments that I had to stop and reflect. This phrase easily applies to each and every one of us as we grow and are sanctified. The process isn’t a constant positive linear slope (sorry, had to throw some math in there). The process involves ups and downs. Mistakes are made. We let God down. But at the end of the day, he is prepared to make us new. Just as God forgives us and continually invests in us, we are to invest in each other. It is our duty as Christians not to give up on each other along the way.