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Josh Rozema


I graduated from Calvin College in 2004 with a teaching degree in both Math and Spanish. I later earned a master’s degree in education leadership from Grand Valley State University. I taught Spanish for one year at Valley Christian School in Cerritos, CA and taught math for nine years at Grand Rapids Christian. Thus far I have taught Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, FST and pre-Calculus. I am married to my wonderful wife Kelly and we have 3 boys who attend Dutton Christian. My family was blessed to bring home my youngest son Jerome from the Philippines during the summer of 2015.

Faith Statement

Teaching in a Christian school is all about building relationships with kids in order to disciple them to be more like Christ. Whether I’m in the classroom teaching kids about math or on the football field showing them how to block, I have the opportunity and the responsibility to model Christ and teach kids about His world.