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Krista Wright


As I gain more life experience (AKA get older) God reveals more and more evidence of His sovereignty and providence in my life. God used endless childhood hours of exploring the woods to uncover a passion for the natural world to shape me into a biology teacher. He transformed a seemingly chance meeting into a loving partnership and Christian family made up of my husband Matt and our daughters, Morgan and Hannah. He drew me into the blessing of Christian education at Grand Rapids Christian High School through what appeared to be a random Google search. And now, through His network of believers and leaders, God has called me here to help advance the mission of South Christian and I am so incredibly grateful. 

Faith Statement

If you read my biography above, you get a sense for the joy I find in discerning my little, tiny role in God’s big, spectacular story. When I read the Bible I am fascinated by seeing how God laid His plans in hearts well before the story fully unfolded. In David we read how God honed David’s stone-slinging as a shepherd to later slay a giant. I am especially drawn to the story of Esther who was “perhaps made queen for such a time as this.” While God does the planning, it is our job to do the preparing. 
That leads me to my Deep Hope for the students and staff at South Christian High School. It is my Deep Hope that we will be empowered to discover, understand, and multiply our gifts to bring about renewal in God’s creation. As the principal at SCHS, I want to do everything in my power to support myself and each student and staff member as we continue to prepare for God’s plans in our lives. My faith in Christ tells me that His plans for us are bigger and grander than we could ever imagine. I can’t wait to see how His story unfolds in the coming year.